Easter Rabbit

Went on an Easter Sunday Afternoon wander around Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve in mixed Sun and Cloud weather.  The wind making the later shots of this coot, interesting to take in the choppy lake.  Fortunately on land it was easier. And for Easter – you have to take a bunny rabbit!

Duck!...No Seagull!

Took a Good Friday visit to Blashford Lakes, on a bright spring afternoon.  As spring starts, so does the battle for the best breeding sites.  This pair of black-headed gulls were laying claim to this floating raft on Ivy Lake, near the front of a hide.  They squawked at any attempted trespassers and flew often in circles round it.  Making a good platform to photograph this common seagull. This first

Blue Tit (1)

Over the past weekend, the woodland hide at Blashford Lakes, has been free at times to photograph some of the wild birds out of the windows.  There have been a lot of Siskin there this year, and the selection of birds photographs taken over the weekend starts with a selection of shots of them. Other winter visitors included a Lesser Redpole and Reed Bunting. More all round visitors to the


I was fortunate to see a couple of Treecreepers today at Blashford Lakes, and managed to get this one in the frame, before a barking dog scared it off. In the rush I had not quite dialed in enough exposure compensation, so had to lift the bird in Adobe Camera raw.  I am fairly pleased with the rescue of the shots. This first shot I have rotated into portrait format.

Common Sandpiper

Yet another dreary grey Saturday, as seems to be the case this winter.  However I decided to try to make the most of it photographically in the poor light this afternoon.  Upon spotting this Common Sandpiper reasonably close to the Lapwing Hide at Blashford Lakes, I attempted some shots of it at various ISO’s – all the way from an ISO that is normally ok, ISO 800 on the 760D,

Long-tailed Tit

Today’s images all come from the Woodland Hide at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve.  And fittingly they are all of Woodland Birds.  It was nice to see a flock of Long-tailed Tits feeding on the suet feeder.  Which even in dull overcast weather gave an opportunity to photograph them as they approached the feeder. Here are the best three images that I got today of them. Later on after walking around

Goldcrest (Regulus regulus)

Finally a bright Saturday in 2016!  After many grey days at the weekend it was a pleasure to walk around Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve today, and chase some of the elusive wild birds that are there.  Well not literally chase, but try and get them in the frame of the lens, not easy, as the birds seem to have a sixth sense that means, once you point the lens their

Tufted Duck

I have been visiting the hides at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve over Christmas and New Year – but no real keepers in 2016 until today. Like much of the Christmas / New Year period when I was off, it was grey and overcast – before turning to downpour. Here a the first three still keepers this year. However – despite having no stills before – I did take some video

A Christmas Eve visit to Blashford Lakes, and some very un-Christmas spirit was being shown by a Cormorant,  as it attacked a male Tufted Duck.

Not my best video, but I liked the action.


Great Spotted Woodpecker

Nasty grey wet weekend weather wise, so not ideal for birds photos.  And as it was wet,  the only option was to go somewhere with sheltered hides, so I visited my local Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve. I did manage to photograph a male Black-necked Grebe for the first time. Although they are large 50% crops. The advantage of a reserve like Blashford, where you have several habitats, and importantly several