Light before the rain towards Christchurch Priory

This afternoon I took a walk around Stanpit Marshes Nature reserve, with the weather starting out sunny, read the recent nature sighting board – and there apparently were Scandinavian Rock pipets sighted there recently.  I of course then set out to see one! This is my contender! Whether it is or not I am not sure – there is some interesting reading about the Scandinavian Rock pipets on the Christchurch

River Stour and Christchurch Priory ( Toned Infrared Image)

Tuckton and Wick at Christchurch offer good walks along the River Stour from Tuckton Bridge, towards Hengistbury Head. Views of Christchurch Priory can be seen as you walk along the River. Pathways are mostly good along the banks of the river, turning slightly rougher as you enter the Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve on the southern side of the river. There is a passenger only Ferry to cross from one side

Christchurch Priory from Stanpit Marshes

Mudeford Bay is accessible from three main points and offers the photographer access to an unspoilt natural harbour, which offers opportunities to photograph wild birds ( especially sea birds in the winter months), water sports & landscape shots of the bay, Mudeford Quay and Hengistbury Head. The two main places to park up and walk near the bay are at Hengistbury Head Car Park, and also at Mudeford Quay (

Little & Large

A wandering walk from Tuckton, over towards Wick on a dullish but dry day saw me keep three completely different types of picture. Firstly a contrast in size shot of two birds on the river bank. Further round I found a bouy tied near to a post.  I took this intentionally to play with Topaz Glow later, as well as some of some reeds which did not work so well.