Red Grouse in heather on Blakey Moor

Whilst up in the Yorkshire Moors I spent a couple of days photographing wildlife on the moors.  The first days results are in this previous post.  These wildlife images are of course, therefore, from the second day, which I spent walking locally around Westerdale’s nearby moorlands, and this day was much more productive. I’ll start though with another sheep image. This was not the first wild animal seen though, this

Yorkshire Fields

Whilst on a walk around the Yorkshire Moors via Captain Cooks Monument and Roseberry Topping this summer, I took the opportunity to take some Colour Infrared Images on my converted Canon 20D.  The day was nice and sunny – so that helped make the infrared camera out on the foliage etc. The images were processed using a variety of methods, all have been channel swapped to give the “blue sky”

Sheep in the Heather

Sheep Pans – well some shots of some sheep and some panoramas to be true full.  These were all taking on the same day in North Yorkshire. The sheep ( rams ) were all seen on Fylingdales Moor, which is a large bit of moorland owned and managed by the Hawk and Owl Trust.  Unfortunately on my visit – the only animals seen close up were sheep, which was slightly

The 99 Steps in Whitby looking to the town

Whitby is a seaside town in North Yorkshire, and a popular tourist attraction too.  There are lots of things to visit and photograph there, including the ruined abbey, harbour and street scenes. Parking can be difficult in peak times, so using the park and ride is recommended.  In addition you may want to get a train there – either via the main train or perhaps better on the Esk Valley

Whitby Panorama

Here are a selection of panoramas that I took in this year at Whitby from several locations. I used a new method of stitching these – using the panorama merge in Adobe Camera Raw.  Then I processed the colours in Nik Color Effects. Here are the results.

Sunlit Moors

Whilst up in the Yorkshire Dales in September,  a walk on a sunny day, gave me the opportunity to take out my converted Canon 20D camera and take some Enhanced Colour Infrared images. Having now processed them using a variety of methods and several Topaz Plugins ( including Adjust, Restyle , Glow and Texture Effects), I have this collection of Colour Infrared Landscapes from the day.


I visited the North Yorkshire Dales in September – and as well as taking some Red Grouse photos, I also shot some landscape views whilst doing some hiking in the Dales. These are my favourite four landscape images from the visit. First a view over Swaledale from near the place I was staying. Then a view over Wensleydale from a hillside near West Burton. West Burton is a pretty village,

The Red Grouse

On a recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales, I spent a day wandering up and down and over a Yorkshire Moor.  This heather and grass environment was a great place to see and hear Red Grouse in the wild. The day gave me lots of pictures, and I have kept many.  This selection, I feel are the best of the keepers from the grouse shoot. On several of these I