Farlington Marshes

Kestral flying off

Farlington Marshes was the destination on the 12th February,  the weather was not kind being overcast.  However the Kestrals were.  Showing well in the trees near the paths. This first one that I saw and photographed was balancing carefully on one leg. Later on another Kestral was spotted – again perched up high – before flying off when I pointed my Canon 100-400mm lens at it.  This is the sequence

Looking at Pooh!

I heard reports recently that there were good views to be had of three Short-eared Owls at Farlington Marshes nature reserve.  So I set out this afternoon more in hope than expectation of seeing them.  I was to be pleasantly suprised as I saw a pair of them fairly close up hunting over the fields. I took a short video of them flying and one later on sitting nearby in

Starlings in flight over Farlington Marshes

Farlington Marshes is a Hampshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve, located just of the A27 between Portsmouth and Havant. It is a wetland nature reserve and overlooks Portsmouth Harbour. The reserve is a wild bird grazing marsh, with lagoons, and it attracts over wintering wildfowl, especially Brent or Brant Geese which can gather there in large numbers. The reserve has cattle that are grazed on it, and if you visit with