Black-headed Gull

Little Egret

Although the winter weather has not been kind recently when out at the weekends, I have managed to find a couple of outings which yielded some reasonable photographic results. The first of these was an almost fruitless trip to Middlebere, on the opposite side of the Arne RSPB Nature reserve.   Fruitless as nothing came close to the hide for photographic purposes until late on when a Little Egret appeared up

Duck!...No Seagull!

Took a Good Friday visit to Blashford Lakes, on a bright spring afternoon.  As spring starts, so does the battle for the best breeding sites.  This pair of black-headed gulls were laying claim to this floating raft on Ivy Lake, near the front of a hide.  They squawked at any attempted trespassers and flew often in circles round it.  Making a good platform to photograph this common seagull. This first


Summer is a time of colour for birds – with the adults in their breeding plummage – and the youngsters adding to is as they start to fledge.  Perhaps one of the more startling transformations that is viewable in the UK is that of the Turnstone.  From a drab white and brown winter birds – the adult breeding plumage is a bright orange. I was lucky enough to see one