Starling Murmuration (7) - The A Bomb

These are a selection of the Starling Murmuration videos and images that I have been taking recently at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve, nr Ringwood during December 2013. Images I call this one, the  A-Bomb The Bird…   Videos The first two are highlights of the best video I took over the 2013 murmuration event. In all I had taken over 2.5 hours of footage over various days.     All

Great White Egret

Yesterday I went to Blashford Lakes with my brother on a bright sunny winters day.  It does sort of sum up the trial and tribulations of an amateur bird photographer, as well as the final high.   Went in the first hide – the birds were on the far bank -miles away….went to the what I call the Bittern hide (South Ivy Lake I think it is) – it was


Up until recently I would never normally shoot shots of wildlife above ISO 400.  Preferring that ISO as a maximum that I would get away with.  On my 50D I would occasionally go to 640 at a push, but found them fairly noisy, so kept 400 as my normal max.  However with some recent posts on the forums and especially some on the Pixalo.com, I decided to try out higher

Combined 2 shots of Blue Bells at Garston Wood (4)

Garston Wood is a great place to go for blue bells, and this year was no exception. On one visit I tried a couple of new techniques, which my brother had attempted. I was not convinced on what he was doing at the time he took the shots, but on seeing the results I decided to give it a try with Fuji Sensia 100 slide film. First, is the use