Little & Large

A wandering walk from Tuckton, over towards Wick on a dullish but dry day saw me keep three completely different types of picture. Firstly a contrast in size shot of two birds on the river bank. Further round I found a bouy tied near to a post.  I took this intentionally to play with Topaz Glow later, as well as some of some reeds which did not work so well. 

On a post Christmas visit to Blashford Lakes, to try out a Pro Viewfinder Loupe ( a loupe that fits on the LCD screen on Canon Cameras that enables easier videoing, as it acts as an eyepeice ),  I was fortunate to see a very beautiful kingfisher.  Not only was the kingfisher fairly close to the Ivy North Hide window, but it stayed around for a fair while, enabling me to shoot some photos of the bird, as well as video it.

The Loupe worked very well and I was able to use my Canon with a 300mm F4 Lens, plus 1.4 x Convertor much easier in video mode, as I could hold it up to my eye to video & not have to have it at arms lengths.

Here are a couple of photos of said Kingfisher.

Kingfisher Panorama Crop
Kingfisher Panorama Crop


New Forest Fantasy

Pardon the pun, but here are some more Topaz Glow effect images.  Most of these are colour infrared images with Topaz Glow used upon them.   Some of the effects are extreme – and others more subtle.  As I start to use the plugin, I note the sliders to adjust a preset are useful, but most importantly I find playing with the blend mode and strength makes a big difference. The

Lower Test - Topaz Glow

Today I had a further look at the Topaz Glow plugin after reading a quick tutorial on the TopazLabs Blog. This time I tried a more radical effect on a shot taken last weekend at the Lower Test HWT reserve.  This one is using the preset – Natural Neon III.  The blend mode I changed from the default to Hard Light. The result The original   This next shot is


TopazLabs.com have released a new plugin called Glow.  Being a user of some of their other plugins, especially Denoise & Adjust, I thought I would give it a quick play this evening.   I tried it on a couple wildlife shots without any really pleasing effect, however this shot of trees in winter sunlight produced some nice results. This is the original starting image. The following images are all just straight

Anderwood Colour Infrared

With the beginning of November, and a reasonable day – a stroll around the New Forest’s Anderwood Site is a pleasant walk.  Taking along a converted Digital Infrared Camera added to the fun.  The Cameras filter as mentioned before is a Canon 20D with an Enhanced Colour Infrared Filter (equivalent to 665nm Filter). The trees and foliage provided interesting and varied scenary, with the leaves reflecting some of the light

Garston Wood IR Landscape in Pink

Garston Wood RSPB site is a great place for spring flowers – especially Bluebells and Wild Garlic, and I have take lots of shots there, both as landscapes and closeup / macro shots of the flowers etc.  This spring I also took a converted infrared camera along. The camera has a filter equivalent to 665nm Filter and is often refereed to as an Enhanced Infrared Filter, letting more colour through