Appleslade – New Forest

Setting Winter Sunset at Appleslade, New Forest - Landscape

Appleslade Car Park in the New Forest is near the Red Shoot Inn, and is just outside of Ringwood. There is a camping park next to the Inn.

The car park itself is fairly small offering parking for around 10 vehicles. From here the best place to walk is up the short if slightly steep hill near the entrance to the car park. This takes you up to a flatter part offering views across this area of the forest. Near the top it is sparsely covered with trees, mainly bracken and heather are about.

Checking the time and direction of the sunset / sunrise will allow the landscape photographer chances to shoot go panoramic, and normal sunset/rise shots of this area of the Forest. Walking on a small way, leads more downhill, and in wetter times of the year this area can have small stream like features. As with all parts of the Forest there is a good chance of shooting the popular New Forest Ponies. And during the summer more insect wildlife is available to shoot.

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