River Stour and Christchurch Priory ( Toned Infrared Image)

Tuckton and Wick at Christchurch offer good walks along the River Stour from Tuckton Bridge, towards Hengistbury Head. Views of Christchurch Priory can be seen as you walk along the River. Pathways are mostly good along the banks of the river, turning slightly rougher as you enter the Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve on the southern side of the river. There is a passenger only Ferry to cross from one side to the other at Wick. The parkland and Nature reserve offer chances to take wild birds, and there are some grazing cattle and horses. Landscapers have the chance for views along the river, where many boats are moored, the Priory amongst others.

There is a tea room by the bridge and boat hire is available if you wish. The car park is free in the winter periods, but a pay and display at other times.

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