Bronzed Robin

This cheeky Robin was a difficult subject to capture on camera today at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve, but not for the normal reason, it kept hoping towards me and getting too close to the lens to take. However a bit of perseverance by me, in backing off from it I got a couple of close up images of the bird. Having recently purchased Topaz Texture Effects, I decided to have

After Topaz Texture Effects

Topaz Labs Texture Effects is a new Photographs Tool, that allows users to create a variety of textured, toned, and lighting effects in a fraction of the time it takes in other editing software. The program includes a library of over 150 expertly crafted effects, an extensive collection of texture assets (275+ high-resolution assets!), and instant access to effects other Topaz users have shared with the new Topaz Community. That

Anderwood Autumn 1 (Restyle : MaizedOwl & Glow (Multiplied and Screened) & Simplify

After taking some Autumn Landscapes images at Anderwood in the New Forest last weekend, I used some of my Topaz Labs plugins to create different looks to the original photographs. I did this to Create new looks to the images. Brighten things up as the weather was overcast and dull. Here are 3 different images, processed with various Topaz Plugins, along with the original image in each case for comparison.

New Forest Fantasy

Pardon the pun, but here are some more Topaz Glow effect images.  Most of these are colour infrared images with Topaz Glow used upon them.   Some of the effects are extreme – and others more subtle.  As I start to use the plugin, I note the sliders to adjust a preset are useful, but most importantly I find playing with the blend mode and strength makes a big difference. The

Lower Test - Topaz Glow

Today I had a further look at the Topaz Glow plugin after reading a quick tutorial on the TopazLabs Blog. This time I tried a more radical effect on a shot taken last weekend at the Lower Test HWT reserve.  This one is using the preset – Natural Neon III.  The blend mode I changed from the default to Hard Light. The result The original   This next shot is