Topaz Detail

Anderwood Autumn 1 (Restyle : MaizedOwl & Glow (Multiplied and Screened) & Simplify

After taking some Autumn Landscapes images at Anderwood in the New Forest last weekend, I used some of my Topaz Labs plugins to create different looks to the original photographs. I did this to Create new looks to the images. Brighten things up as the weather was overcast and dull. Here are 3 different images, processed with various Topaz Plugins, along with the original image in each case for comparison.

The Red Grouse

On a recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales, I spent a day wandering up and down and over a Yorkshire Moor.  This heather and grass environment was a great place to see and hear Red Grouse in the wild. The day gave me lots of pictures, and I have kept many.  This selection, I feel are the best of the keepers from the grouse shoot. On several of these I