Little Grebe

Little Grebe

I got another Canon extender last week – a 2x mk III, so I had to go try it out.  As I already had a 1.4x extender mk III, I read you could stack them to even further increase the range of the lens.  You need a Canon 12mm extension tube to stack the mark III extenders.  So with my 500mm and a tripod I had to have a play

Adult and Juvenile Little Grebes

Here is a short video of an adult and juvenile Little Grebes, taken at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve today.    

Lapwing Punk

When birds come close to the front of the Tern Hide at Blashford Lakes, then nice large images can be taken of the them.  This was the case today as a Lapwing patrolled the gravel outside of the hide.  The wind blowing its head feathers into a punk like appearance. Also close to the shore was a Little Grebe – swimming along next to the gravel.