Robin feeling the cold

Having some time off over the festive period, I visited my local reserves of  Blashford Lakes Nature & Hengistbury Head, a few times to try out the Canon 5d MkIV with both stills and its 4k video capability.  It also allowed me more time to play with my recent lens addition with it – a Canon 100-400 IS L lens. Whilst out I at Hegistbury Head, I was able to


Summer is a time of colour for birds – with the adults in their breeding plummage – and the youngsters adding to is as they start to fledge.  Perhaps one of the more startling transformations that is viewable in the UK is that of the Turnstone.  From a drab white and brown winter birds – the adult breeding plumage is a bright orange. I was lucky enough to see one

juvenile Herring Gulls

A bright but very windy Sunday afternoon, helped slow the gulls down in flight as I walked around the headland to Mudeford Quay. These gulls – juvenille herring gulls I first spotted overhead.  This first one was almost directly over me. Before lowering a bit  – unfortunately the wing is slightly chopped off.  I need more practice at it 🙂 And this one is just not quite there again –