Macro Photography

The 99 Steps in Whitby looking to the town

Whitby is a seaside town in North Yorkshire, and a popular tourist attraction too.  There are lots of things to visit and photograph there, including the ruined abbey, harbour and street scenes. Parking can be difficult in peak times, so using the park and ride is recommended.  In addition you may want to get a train there – either via the main train or perhaps better on the Esk Valley

Oxeye Daisies in Colour Infrared.

As a macro and infrared enthusiast photographer, what better way than to photograph when combining the two photographic disciplines ! So on a recent visit to Alners Gorse butterfly reserve this summer, I just went armed with my Infrared Converted 20D Camera and a 100mm macro lens and a tripod.  (A slight lie – I took a normal colour camera too – just in case of something special).  My 20D


In the second of my series of tutorial articles looking at stacking software, I take a look at focus stacking with Helicon Focus from Helicon Soft. Again I am just going to let the software do all the work, the only tweaking being some dust and noise adjustments on the final image which I cropped slightly round the edges due to the odd artifact showing and to improve the image